Using Edmodo

Edmodo image

Yesterday in information systems int 2 period 4 we learned how to use Edmodo.

Edmodo is a site used for homework.

It allows us to answer homework questions electronically and send the assignment back to the teacher.

You can create surveys and send messages. You can choose your own avatar

This helps us as we don’t have to carry it about or write stuff down. It is faster and is better for the teacher as he doesn’t have to carry jotters about and there is less possibilities of losing the work.

We like doing our homework this way because it is much easier and we can talk to others in the class about our problems.

Blog post written by Emma, Kirsty, David and Kerr


2 Responses to “Using Edmodo”

  1. David Says:

    Who ever wrote this was genius

  2. Edmodo « Mark Cunningham's Blog Says:

    […] asked a couple of S3 pupils to blog their thoughts on Edmodo.  (Note: I am trialling the use of blogs with them too, this was their first […]

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