Implementing a database with relationships

Today in information systems we learned how to add relationships between two tables in a database. We created two tables, one including information about lockers and the other about pupils that own the lockers. The relationship is made by adding the primary key from the pupil table which is the pupil ID – a unique number that identifies a pupil – to the locker table.  There is an example of a simple relationship being made between two tables in the picture below.

You can get help creating this on the online help in FileMaker Pro (You can learn more about FileMaker Pro by clicking the link).It is simple once you get the hang of it.

By Emma


One Response to “Implementing a database with relationships”

  1. Mr Hamilton Says:

    I am really enjoying reading your blog, it is great to hear what you are learning. Your blog, and all the screen shots you are all adding in, will be really helpful for you when you come to revise.

    I was sent a link to this website recently – – let me know if Mr Cunningham thinks it is a good idea for you to try in class!

    Mr Hamilton

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