In Information Systems on Thursday, we learned about validation in databases. Data validation allows you to control what values are entered into a field. We talked about the different types of validation checks and what they are used to do.

These validation checks are :

  • PRESENCE CHECK – Does a field HAVE to have data entered?
  • RESTRICTED CHOICE CHECK – Are there only certain acceptable                                                                             values?
  • RANGE CHECK – Does the data have to be within a certain range?

Here is a link that will send you to a website with all the information on validation within databases.

To ensure that you understood the details in this post, I have put in a link which will send you to a quiz on                                                                                             DATA VALIDATION AND  VERIFICATION;templateStyle=ict

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  1. fhsint2is Says:

    I think this post is much better than the last one

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