Today in Information Systems we recapped on data types like Text, Number and Date. We also looked at validation-restricting certain data getting entered into a field. Instead of the computer telling you that you have put in the wrong data you could use a drop down list or a radio button. Radio button is a circle, when you click it it turns black and thats the one you’ve chosen.If you want to find more information here’s a link to David’s post.

To be continued…….

By Kerr


One Response to “Validation”

  1. David Gilmour Says:

    This blog’s a great idea, and you’re doing a good job. Writing the posts will definitely help you learn, and you’ll have a good resource for revision at the end of it.

    Maybe you could use your blog as an example? There will be data validation going on on some of the data I’m entering now before it’s accepted as valid input for the blog’s database. Can you think of examples?

    You might also like to think about how you think computers should handle telling a user they’ve put in the wrong data. How would you feel if a computer gave you that message? How could it be improved? Always try to keep in mind that computer systems are tools to help people do things, and should be designed to help! 😉

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