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March 16, 2010

Today in Information Systems we learned about HTML.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language.

HTML is the language to display web pages.

Here is some basic HTML for a very simple web page:

<title>Welcome to my web page</title>
<body bgcolor=”white” text=”blue”>
<h1>This is my web page</h1>
This could become the best web site in the world EVER!!!

See full size image

By Kerr


Internet Providers & Hardware

March 11, 2010

Today in Information Systems we touched on ISP and the hardware needed to access the internet,

ISP(Internet Service Provider)– A company that can give you access to the internet and may also give you a email and webhosting. Depending on the amount you pay to your ISP the faster your connection can be.

You can connect to the internet by using a modem. Modems can come in many different ways such as via cable, telephone and a USB stick.

Here is a video tell you a bit more about Modems:

By David


March 9, 2010

Today in Int 2 IS we learned about the different protcols in TCP/IP (transfer control protocol and internet protocol)

The 4 main internet service protocols that we learned about are:

HTTP –  is the service protocol that allows users to receive information from the World Wide Web

FTP – allows users to send (or receive) copies of files from or to different computer systems or networks.

SMTP –  is generally the protocol used to send outgoing email messages

POP3 –  is generally the protocol used to receive incoming email messages

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is concerned with taking a data message, breaking it into smaller chunks called packets and then re-assembling it again at the other end.

This is a link to tell you more about TCP

This is a link to tell you more about IP

By Colin