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Sorting Databases

December 7, 2009

Last time in information systems we looked at sorting databases. Databases are very efficient at searching and sorting large amounts of data. The ways that a database can sort (which we know so far) is either ascending or descending, this means that the data will either be from A-Z (ascending) or Z-A (descending) in numeric this is 1-9 (ascending) or 9-1 (descending). When sorting ONE field this is a simple sort, when sorting TWO OR MORE fields then it is a complex sort.

Here is a video on how to sort mulitple fields, this is in Microsoft Access but the functions are pretty much the same compared with Filemaker Pro.

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Data Dictionaries Contin.

November 23, 2009

For the past three days(17th-19th) in Information Systems we have been looking at Data Dictionaries.

By now we should know that a data dictionary is a document that contains information about the different data items in a database. If you can’t remember¬† much,heres Ewan’s post .

We started thinking about inserting multimedia in databases such as images, sound or even a video.

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